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Welcome to the Internet World Wide Web Home Page for Runestones Development Corporation, a consulting firm specializing in systems integration, messaging systems, custom database strategy and application software development, as well as a .complete range of web services.  We are experts in SQL Server and Oracle database design and implementation. We support various LAN and WAN networks, including Windows NT/2000, NetWare, and various UNIX systems. We develop Client/Server solutions using tools such as Delphi, C++, Visual BASIC, Visual FoxPro, and PowerBuilder.

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Runestones Development Corporation is a communications and systems integration organization located in Ipswich, Massachusetts (30 miles north of Boston). We specialize in the design, implementation, and management of enterprise-wide network systems. We provide professional Client/Server application development and information systems analysis services. We furnish our clients with state-of-the-art systems that provide maximum performance and reliability, with minimum cost, problems and downtime. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that offer maximum performance at reasonable costs.

Runestones Development Corporation provides a complete range of Internet Business Solutions from conceptual development and planning through production to site management, promotion and reengineering of existing web sites.  We can provide a total solution to your internet presence needs. We have the technical expertise to conceptualize, build and maintain a professional  web site, including connections, hosting, e-commerce, scripting, and database management.  We offer a full range of Internet products and consulting services ranging from the Internet connection, routers and modems, system security via firewalls, TCP/IP networking, and a variety of Internet Servers (Web, FTP, Gopher, SMTP, etc.).

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"To Provide our Clients with Effective Information Management Solutions
which Maximize the Use of Networked Computers for Strategic Purposes"



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Runestones Development Corporation

PO Box 204

Ipswich, MA 01938



(978) 356-8727


(781) 944-7330


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Runestones - The ancient alphabetic system used by the 

Nordic Peoples from Scandinavia for communications.


 Runes - Elder Futhark  Background Information on Nordic Runestones



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