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The Elder Futhark is the oldest form of the runic alphabets and was in use from about the 1st or 2nd Century AD. The runic inscriptions were not so much used as a writing system, rather as magical signs for charms and amulets. Over time these Viking runes have been used as a divination tool to shape and guide the path one walks. The Elder Futhark Rune set consists of 24 runes, often arranged in three sets of 8 (Aetts). The sets will also include a ‘blank’ rune as this is often used in a divination.

Rune sets are used for rune casting. Rune casting is not ‘fortune telling’, rather it can analyze your path and what might be the outcome. It is up to you to change your path. You might draw just one rune to answer a specific question, or you might draw three runes to overview the past, the present, and the future. There are many ways runes might be drawn and many interpretations for how the runes can be read. The meanings we provide are just one interpretation so please do not limit yourself to these interpretations alone.

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We also have handmade Rune Amulets which can be strung and worn as a pendant, or just carried on one’s person. Why not have a collection of runic amulets to swap around depending on the need?

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Stone Rune Sets

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 Stone Rune Amulets

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Stone Dragon Pieces

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Stone Coasters


Gandryll is always working on a new project in his workshop! He is currently working on a Viking board game – Hnefatafl. To see more click here to go to the ‘New Projects’ page.